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The activity of “Sharing Giveaway” has started!

Posted by on 11th May 2017

Good news! We just launched the activity of “Sharing Giveaway” which will last till October 23, 2017.

As long as you share the activity of “Sharing Giveaway” on your social network such as Facebook/Twitter/Youtube to your over 1000 fans or friends, and keep the post for at least one week, you can get certain giveaway! More sharing, more valued giveaway!

After sharing, please send the screenshot pictures of post to the email, and we will communicate with you and send out the relative giveaway.

Everyone has one time of chance to get the giveaway every month for sharing.

Kindly note for this activity, the giveaway won’t be any kind of product you want, it will be mainly apparel products for children or women. We reserve the right of choosing giveaway.

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